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December 01, 2015
And so… This is December again! =)

For me, it is a VERY SPECIAL month…


Because we are completing 10 years online with, I will launch our Program ‘Portuguese in 90 Days’. (It was tested with language learners from many countries, and the results are amazing!)

In a few hours I am going to post a video about it in our Homepage, and the 10 people who join the Program first will get an extra bonus…

This is going to be a limited offer, as I want to work very close to those who join the Program, so…

Keep an eye on my next e-mail!

Happy December!

Charlles Nunes
PS: If you want to watch the videos for the English Program, click here.

You can also copy and paste to your browser:

PS2: For those who want to grab a spot right now, here is my WhatsApp: 55 24 99954 1608.

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