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August 15, 2017

Bom dia! Boa tarde! Boa noite! =D

Do you want to be in our VIP LIST?

Yesterday I sent an email to our list of subscribers at

Learn Portuguese Now, because I'm creating a VIP List.

What does that mean?

It means that with THOUSANDS of people in our current list, I can't offer a high quality follow up with my current email list provider.

So, I am moving to a new provider, to improve our relationship.

IF YOU WANT TO BE A VIP MEMBER, please do the following:

1) Sign up our new list: click here and

2) Confirm your subscription.

Besides that, by signing up you will be able to participate

in our PORTUGUESE WEEK, which will start on August 21.

On this week, you will learn WHAT TO DO to improve your

Portuguese the right way.

I'm really excited about that - and I hope we may walk

together on this new journey!

Charlles Nunes
PS: As soon as you sign up this new list, I will remove your email address from the current one.


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