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how much do you need to know before tutoring someone?
September 08, 2020

Last July, we started a FREE language program, with live classes for Brazilians who wanted to learn English...

Twice a week, a group of Brazilians get together to practice their English and make friends online.

In a couple of weeks, all of them discovered something: they don't need to know everything before starting being a tutor to someone else.

Some words of encouragement, having fun together, or showing their own example in moving on, all these small acts count.

In order to extend this opportunity to more people, we are including free English classes for Spanish speakers and...

We need more volunteers.

If you speak some Spanish, join us in the Volunteer Training Sessin this Friday and see how you can make a difference in someone's life. (In case you speak some Portuguese, you can help as well.)

You can expect two things:

First, you will make new friends instantly.Second, you will feel like you are making part of something meaningful - without leaving home.

Here is something that has been happening since we began the Program last July: the participants express their gratitude in a sincere and open-hearted way.

Do you want to join us? Just reply to this email with 'I want to know more', and we will get in touch.

See you inside!

Charlles Nunes

If you prefer...

Send Us a WhatsApp Message.

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