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The eBook Portuguese in 7 Weeks shows you the 365 most common words in Portuguese with 3 examples each. When you finish reading it, you willl be able to understand 90% of basic Portuguese articles.

  • Yes, without memorizing lists,
  • Yes, without studying any grammar

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My Journey on Language Learning

Charlles Nunes - Your Portuguese Language Guide

Until the age of 22 years, Portuguese was the only language I spoke. Then I decided to learn English.

By simply organizing the available resources and creating an 'English universe' around me, I was able to understand and be understood in a matter of months.

Following those proved principles, I learned Spanish naturally, and now I am learning French.

By reading My Journey on Language Learning you can get inspired to improve your language skills too. Stop going with the flow on language learning...

Create it.

Learning a Foreign Language without Living Abroad

Overcoming Your Language Prejudice

Improving Your Reading Skills

Language Acquisition X Language Learning

Improving your Speaking Skills

Develop Your Writing Skills One Day at a Time

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