Learn a Language the Right Way:
If I Could, You Can!

Learn a language quickly by doing what successful language learners did before

Every time I watch an artist performinG on his/her skills, I am inspired to improve my own life.

It also happened to me when I decided to learn a new language. I asked some bilingual friends what they had done to achieve fluency in a foreign language.

On the other hand, the younger come without prejudice, bringing new ways of facing new challenges.

An essencial step for me to learn a foreign language was asking some bilingual friends how they had learned it. I tried to identify any shortcut.

Though applying different approaches, each one followed the same process:

1) Decide
2) Plan
3) Dedicate time in njoyable activities

While researches have been carried out/conducted in the language field, doubts still remain about the best way of learning a foreign language.

By one side, some took the memorization of vocabulary and grammar rules as a pre-requisite to be fluent in a second language ; on the other, some language courses promise ‘immediate conversation’, suggesting that a grammar base can be obtained later through context.

In my case, what worked best was a mix of different approaches. You can do the same, since you

  • Understand the differences between language learning and language acquisition;
  • Make use of the correct tools;
  • Believe in yourself.

    If you happen to own just the third ingredient, keep moving. The formers will be on your way quite soon!

    “Não se pode ensinar coisa alguma a alguém. Pode-se apenas auxiliá-lo a descobrir por si mesmo.”

    - Galileu Galilei

    Start learning a language with the end in mind...

    Recently a friend of mine asked me, aAlmost in a confidentially:

    “I applied to (a language course). What do you think of it?”

    Before I could answer, she continued:

    “If I start studying with you, how long will it take until I can manage the basics?”

    Let's consider one thing at a time:

    Every language course must fulfil what they promise to their students, and profit at the same time.

    If they teach you without profiting, they will soon close their doors – good intentions can’t pay bills.

    On the other hand, those who profit and disguise their results with discounts, travels and trademarks will be in the market as long as they find someone willing to sponsor their enterprise.

    My point is, before applying for a language institution it is worthwhile to collect as much information as possible about it. Talk to some former students, before you make up your mind.

    The same is valid for private classes: define your goals clearly, measure you available time and resources - before you start.

    If you feel more comfortable with a personal tutor or attending group classes, it is up to you. Whatever the case, take advantage of the network you can establish by using the Internet.

    Ask All Your Bilingual Friends What They Do To Learn a Language

    A child asks about 20 questions a day. An adult asks only 6.


    When one of our children entered that phase of ‘why’s’, I asked him to control himself, as it was disturbing the peace in our home. He agreed to give it a try. I told him it would be an important step in his development. He seemed surprised, and wrinkling his brow, he asked:

    “ – Why?”

    Another time, I was having dinner with my youngest daughter – she was five – when she started showing me the drawings at the filter’s cover on the table. Those were shapes of sea animals, which I had not noticed for many years!

    Why do we lose such capacity of observation? Due to our lack of free time? Pressed by routine? What is wrong with adult life?

    José Predebon – in his book called ‘Creativity’ – suggests some alternatives to rescue this creative way of seeing life. According to him, we can open the following ‘windows’:

  • The window of mind – by reading exercises;

  • The window of senses – by observing attentively what happens around us;

  • The window of emotion – by tolerating all the diversity represented in modern life.

    If you happen to open any of them and a breeze of inspiration refreshes your ideas, come running to tell me! Who knows if it happened to Bill Gates when he created Windows ?

    Now that your windows are being opened, it’s time to deeply breath and start walking!

    “When the night has come and the land is dark and the Moon is the only light you will see...”

    Don’t be afraid. I will stand by you in every step of the way...

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