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Lemonade Recipe
A Delicious Recipe to Taste with Brazilian Food!

Try this lemonade recipe and learn what to do when life gives you a lemon!


3 limes
3 teaspoons of sugar
4 ice cubes
6 cups of water


1. Cut both ends of the limes.

2. Cut the limes in halves – then into quarters.

3. Remove those lines from the middle of the lime.

4. Add the limes to the blender

5. Add the sugar, the ice and the water

6. Put the lid and turn it on for just 5 seconds (or it will get bitter).

7. Sieve the liquid (through a strainer).

8. Serve it.

9. Invite your Brazilian friends

Brazilian Tip (or Story):

When I was about 13 and my brother 14 there was a lemon tree in front of our house. As my mother worked all day long and we didn't know dozens of lemonade recipes, we had to find a way to spend our time and those lemons...

Once (more than once, I confess) we got some of them, went up to my grandma’s ceiling and up there (hidden behind her avocado tree) we casted the lemons at those passing by. As the illumination was very poor, we thought we were safe at our 'hidden' spot.

Unfortunately, we didn’t notice that all the lemons, after passing by our ‘target’ fellows, ended up at the same place: the little cabin from the cemetery guardian, as we lived right in front of it.

The angry man crossed the street and knocked at our door, to complain with our mother. We hid again in the wardrobe, crossed our fingers and held our breath...

After a while, he left.

When she got home, our adventure had reached her ears. (We tried to disguise, playing chess as two angels...) She told us to go immediatly and apologize for what we had done. We asked her to let us finish the match (we need a time to find the words)...

As soon as we finished that match, we quickly started another one!;)

But there was no way out. Soon after 11 pm, we crossed the street, downheaded, and excuse ourselves.

Brazilian Children in a Mango Tree

We tried to make him believe we were just playing a trick at a friend of ours who was passing by, but it didn't work at all – there were more than 100 lemons against us!

Anyway, we promised never to do that again, and finally returned home.

Nowadays, things have changed a little. The illumination is much better. The avocado tree and the lemon tree are already gone. In your next visit to Brazil, please feel free to get a walk in front of my house!

But please, before you cross it, slow down and look up for a moment...

My children are usually cimbing our mango tree - and who knows one of these days they may get the same idea?

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