The Netwriting Masters Course

The Netwriting Masters Course is a free e-book I mentioned on the article How this Web site came to be.

This e-book explains the difference between writing online and offline, as well as

  • how to attract targeted traffic
  • how to presell instead of pushing to sell
  • how to deal with your visitors in a friendly atmosphere
You will quickly realize that surfers on the Net are not looking for you or your business. Instead, they are searching for information that provide them with solutions. Aren't you doing the same?

You will learn the simple art of e-persuasion, which enables you to give your visitors exactly what they want - so they will automatically look for your contact form, e-mail or phone number.

They will approach you with an open to buy/hire mind. Better,they will feel you are an expert they can reach, consult and afford for your products or services.

Aren't you tired of being answered by those automated e-mails and answer machines?

After downloading - and reading - your copy, you will be ready to

  • organize information in your area of expertise
  • attract targeted traffic
  • presell to your visitors in a personal basis
  • convert all this traffic to dollars!

FREE Download Here

If you are ready to learn how to write better and sell more, this free 48-page course will show you the way:

Netwriting Masters Course


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Netwriting Masters Course

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