O Pulo do Gato
Uma Experiência Autodidata em Idiomas

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O Pulo do Gato - Grab Your Copy Now!O Pulo do Gato is a Portuguese-language book with a true story on language learning. In short, its a useful guide on self-learning.

It includes 13 steps taken by the author of www.learn-portuguese-now.com to learn English while serving as a missionary in Brazil.

Charlles Nunes shares with the reader some ideas and insights on how to organize simple resources in order to learn any second language.

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Book Description

This is the first edition of a Portuguese-language book originated from a personal experience lived by a Brazilian who improved his language skills as a self-learner.

It targets all those who want to learn a second language, to whom the traditional approach - attending language courses - does not seem to be the most effective one.

Table of Contents

O Pulo do Gato was written as a simple tool. Each of the 13 chapters focuses on one specific step, and each chapter is divided in three main sections:

True Story – Something which happened to the author, or some ideas on how to learn a second language at home, with no booktexts, no teacher and no Internet at all.

Between Us – Specific ideas, suggestions and strategies on how to apply the principles covered to your own circumstances.

Points to Ponder – General ideas about language learning and its implications in the daily life.

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