Portuguese Guardian Angels
Portuguese Learners Who Changed My Life for Better

Want to know why some people have become our Portuguese Guardian Angels? Simple: They've come searching for something... And decided to stay!

These friends have been adding value to Learn Portuguese Now in a consistent basis. That's why I dedicate this page to them:

At first, they were visitors who wanted to learn Portuguese for some reason. As we exchanged emails, talked through Skype or even talked on the phone, we got closer and closer to each other.

As they wished to contribute, some are recording audio lessons, others are reviewing the Web content, and others are always there to exchange a word of support or encouragement.

Whether you want to help us grow through a question, comment, suggestion (or complaint), you are always welcome to take part in making Learn Portuguese Now an interactive place for Portuguese learners on the Web - and become our next Guardian Angel!

Ricardo, from Cape Town, South Africa

This gentleman has become one of my greatest examples in language learning. His desire to learn Portuguese came from his father roots. We’ve been talking through Skype in a daily basis, and our friendship grows at each contact.

Recently, he received access to our page codes, so that he may fix them whenever he finds an error.

He is the proud father of 3 children – one is this beautiful baby he is holding, and is a great example of husband, father and friend.

He is one of our Guardian Angels!

Maggie, from Philippines

Since she shared her story (No Meu Coração Eu Sou Brasileira - In My Heart I Am Brazilian), Maggie has become an icon among our readers.

In retribution for learning Portuguese, this generous journalist and radio speaker offered to record our English lessons for Portuguese speakers.

She is a good example of how many things you can do to learn a language efficiently. From the day she felt comfortable with, she started publishing her own blog in English & Portuguese!

She even called my 8-year-old daughter in her birthday! Hers is one more case of falling in love with a language and its users – and being loved in return!

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