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January 14, 2010

According to the feedback received on the Language Accelerator Program - LAP, we noticed that besides those who ordered the Program, there are still two groups interested in taking part on it:

1. Those who want to participate, but are too busy at the moment.

2. Those who want to participate, but canít afford for it by now.

After thinking about that for a couple of days, weíve finally found two alternatives:

If you can afford for the Program (pay 3 x $49) but canít dedicate to learning Portuguese by now, you can SPONSOR someone else (who canít afford for the Program but have time to dedicate).

You will still be able to join in the next LAP Ė without having to pay anymore. You will bless someone with the opportunity of participating on this LAP. During 3 months, someone you choose (we are going to send you some options) will learn Portuguese because YOU helped him/her and you will probably have one more grateful friend passionate for language learning to count onÖ ;-)


If you have the time to participate on this LAP, but canít afford for the Program, you can BE SPONSORED by someone who fits into the first description.

Just send us an e-mail, letting us know why you want to participate, and why you canít afford for that at the moment. (Through our own experience, we know that some people donít have a credit card, others live in a country from which they canít send money abroad online, etc.)

We hope this opportunity may someday include EVERY language learner worldwide, no matter where they live, no matter what their conditions are. (Thatís why we are also starting a new Web site with 6 languages available for FREE!)

For us, what really matters is how WILLING one is in learning a new language! ;-)

To join the Language Accelerator Program right now, click here or copy and paste the following URL to your browser:

Always at your service,

Charlles Nunes, author of the Language Accelerator Program

PS: We are going to start the Program in 24 hoursÖ Welcome aboard!

Further details...

Our objective with the LAP is to help Portuguese & English learners to meet one another and have a real expecience in communicating while going through 70 language learning activities together.

The Program lasts for 90 days, and may be paid in 3 installments of USD$49 each.

You can read a PDF sample by clicking on the eBook cover - or right-click and download it. Listen to 7 audio files online, or download them in Mp3 and improve your Portuguese wherever you are!

Please feel free to contact us through Skype whenever you have a question, concern or suggestion. (Skype: charllesnunes)


If you know another language learner who would appreciate receiving Brazilian Life Insights, please forward this issue.

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