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January 15, 2010

The Brazilian Song of the Week is...

Grão de Amor, by Arnaldo Antunes!

In case you are almost tired of hearing about the Language Accelerator Program - LAP, let me tell you what happened today...

I was without an Internet during the whole day, so I went to a Cafe to e-mail the participants...

Fortunately, I got a connection around 8:30pm and I've been contacting some of the participants by Skype. I hope everything goes back to normal in a matter of hours...

We've got 15 Portuguese learners and 5 English learners who joined the LAP, and all of them seem to be VERY excited about our next 90 days... Me too! ;-)

One of the participants offered to be in charge of the Russian branch on our next Web site - in which you will be able to learn SEVEN languages for FREE!

Now, please relax and sing along with Arnaldo Antunes our Brazilian Song of the Week, or copy and paste the following URL to your browser:

It is 11:40pm in Angra dos Reis-RJ now, and I will be listening to this song for the 5th or 6th time... I also deserve to relax a little bit! ;-)

At your service, as usually,

Charlles Nunes, author of the Language Accelerator Program or in other words... Learn Portuguese in 90 Days! :-)


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