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February 18, 2010

"She ain't heavy. She is my sister."
~Charlles Nunes

These have been busy days... On our next newsletter, we are going to give you some good the news.

For today, I would like to congratulate a Brazilian writer, mother, daughter and warrior: Suzana Nunes, my sister!

1. Pretextos do Coração - The New eBook by Suzana Nunes


1. Pretextos do Coração - The New eBook by Suzana Nunes

Today is my sister's birthday. She is turning 31. However, she has had some experiences that most of us won't have in a lifetime.

Through her hard times, what has she decided to do? Praise us all with her inspiring writing, always looking for the brighter side of life...

As a gift for her - and for all Portuguese learners worldwide - I've collected 31 of her texts and put them online at:

Pretextos do Coração, by Suzana Nunes!

Or copy and paste this URL to your browser:

Besides reading the texts online, you can download a sample - or buy her ebook with all the stories in PDF.

I'm sure you will get inspired - as I did - and you will learn how to appreciate the good things of life with a new perspective.

Take your time to meet one more member of the Nunes family. You will never regret you've done it! ;-)

Charlles Nunes

PS: All the money from the ebook selling will be directly to her. She has a family to raise! ;-)


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