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January 20, 2016

First and foremost, THANK YOU all for taking time to send me your '2 Top Questions' last week. I've received almost 200 questions, and read each one carefully.

Then, I organized them in 3 types:

1) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
2) VPQ (Very Personal Questions)
3) IHNIATAQ (I-have-no-idea-about-the-answer Questions)

Fortunately, most of them belong to the first category, some to the second and just a few to the third! =D

When you start learning something, it is common to have doubts about your own ability (or capacity) to do so. Then, the first questions that I want to answer relate to BEING ABLE to speak Portuguese:

"I need to know its European Portuguese and not Brazilian Portuguese. I need to be able to practice conversation."

"Will I comprehend the more common, everday street slang or be able to be conversational upon completion?"

"Will it be Portuguese for an average guy? Will I be able to talk like a teenager, which I am?"

"As a native born American will I be able to think in Portuguese someday (as in conceptualization and abstractions)?"

As to the first question, as a Brazilian, I focus on Brazilian Portuguese. To all the others, the answer is: Yes, yes and yes!

Roger, you will be able to understand 'street language', since you will practice with Brazilians (online) from the very beginning.

Ta Minh Hoang, you will be able to talk like a teenager, with teenagers or adults.

Dave Rose, you will be able to think in Portuguese sooner than you expect.

To read my own story on how I learned English in Brazil, click here, or in the link below:

How I learned English without leaving Brazil

I will keep answering your questions every week, until we release our free video course, when I will be able to answer most of them! ;-)

Grande abra├žo,

PS: Keep an eye on my next e-mail. There will be a bonus for those who open it! ;-)

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