Brazilian Feijoada Recipe
Brazilian Food at Its Most Original Form!

This Brazilian feijoada recipe shows you how to prepare our national dish... Enjoy!

Take This Brazilian Feijoada Recipe and Create Your Own!

There are more Feijoada Recipes in Brazil than Brazilians living in the US! Feijoada is more than a Brazilian dish. Though in South States it belongs to the winter dish, in Rio de Janeiro (where I live) it is served the whole year. The most important thing to remember when you prepare/serve/eat a feijoada, is that YOU can celebrate ANYthing!

A good talking, the Brazilian sounds, the loud chatting, the contagious gladness – they are all part of this delicious... ‘ceremony’. Check it out:

Well, now it is your turn to try our Brazilian feijoada recipe. After the ingredients list (you may vary them according to your circumstances and personal taste) you will find ‘how to’ directions to guide you.

You will probably learn more about Brazilian Culture preparing this dish than by reading a whole book on the Brazilian way of life...

Enjoy your Brazilian feijoada recipe...


Brazilian Feijoada Recipe - Ingredients

1 lb. of black beans
1 lb of smoked sausage
1 lb. of carne seca / 1/2 lb. of bacon
3-4 strips of smoked bacon
4 pork foots
4 pork ears (in case the swines were dueling)
2 large bay leaves
2 small onions - or a large one
3 garlic cloves
olive oil
hot pepper sauce - optional
salt and peeper to taste

Brazilian Feijoada Recipe - How to Make it

1. Keep the pork belly, pork ribs (and other pork parts) in boiling water for a while and keep changing the water to reduce their salt.

2. Spread the black beans over a tray or a flat surface and check if they are clean. Wash them.

3. Put them in a pressure cook and add water to cover completely the black beans (up to 3 or 4 times their volume)

4. Turn on the fire, and let the beans boiling for about an hour(the spice will be added later).

5. Fry fry some garlic and onion until they are a bit 'golden'.

6. Add the meat - which has been boiling in another pan. (Remember: the sausage doesn't need any boiling)

7. Add the black beans

8. Keep everything on the fire for another hour until the flavor is mixed

9. Invite your Brazilian friends.

10.Include me in your guests' list.;)

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