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Brazilian Food Recipes
The Brazilian Cuisine at Your Service

Welcome to Brazilian Food Recipes. Enjoy the basic and simple way of eating in Brazil! You know - we grow up being told we are what we eat - don't we? (Just in the Web, they’ve said it more than 1,500,000 times!)

After thinking a bit about it, I believe they are right. Besides...

As my parents came each from a different Brazilian state - and having lived in 4 different others - I saw (and ate) enough to affirm that...

Not only what you eat makes you, but how, where, how often, and why you eat become literally part of you, as time goes by.

coxinhas: brazilian chicken croquettes

brazilian carrot cake - with chocolate

brazilian caipirinha

brazilian fish stew recipe

feijoada: traditional brazilian stew

brigadeiros brazilian recipe | brazilian recipe

pão de queijo | brazilian cheese bread


mandioca chips recipe | Crispy Cassava Chips 


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