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In this free, 60-minute demo class, you’ll learn:

  • 30 questions and answers with basic Portuguese verbs
  • Important tips to improve your vocabulary
  • A simple method to create new phrases
  • Live Q&A with an experienced Brazilian teacher


1. O que você gosta de beber?

Suco | Água | Leite | Cerveja | Café

2. O que você come de manhã?

Pão com manteiga | Queijo | Bolo | Ovos mexidos | Frutas

3. Que língua você fala?

Inglês | Alemão | Português | Francês | Chinês

Meet Your Teacher

Olá, tudo bem?

I’m Charlles Nunes, a certified language teacher and author. I want to help you learn Portuguese as soon as possible.

Since 2006, I've been helping people from over 150 countries to take the first steps in learning Brazilian Portuguese.

I created this website in 2006 to help Portuguese learners achieve their dream of becoming fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. Since them, students from over 150 countries have downloaded our free resources.

I want to help you learn Portuguese the easiest and fastest way.

I live in Angra dos Reis, Brazil - where we have been running a language school since 2012. More than two thousand students have studied with us.