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the brazilian flag
why is it so unique?

The Brazilian flag - or 'Bandeira do Brasil', in Portuguese - is an inspiring symbol for most Brazilians. We call it 'Bandeira Nacional', and it has an interesting history. Here are some facts you may not have known about how it came to be...

1. Do you know the Brazilian Flag Anthem?

The National Flag Anthem - Hino à Bandeira Nacional - is a beautiful song written by a poet named Olavo Bilac. It has been inspiring us since November 9, 1906 .

1. Salve lindo pendão da esperança!

Hail, precious banner of hope!

Salve símbolo augusto da paz!

Hail, august symbol of peace!

Tua nobre presença à lembrança

Thy noble presence brings to our minds

A grandeza da Pátria nos traz.

The greatness of our motherland.


Recebe o afeto que se encerra

Take the affection enclosed

em nosso peito juvenil,

In our youthful chest,

Querido símbolo da terra,

Dear symbol of the land,

Da amada terra do Brasil!

Of the beloved land of Brazil!

2. Em teu seio formoso retratas

In thy beauteous bosom portraits

Este céu de puríssimo azul,

This sky of purest blue,

A verdura sem par destas matas,

The unrivalled greenness of these forests,

E o esplendor do Cruzeiro do Sul.

And the splendor of the Southern Cross.


3. Contemplando o teu vulto sagrado,

Beholding thy sacred shadow,

Compreendemos o nosso dever,

We understand our duty,

E o Brasil por seus filhos amado,

And Brazil loved by its children,

poderoso e feliz há de ser!

Powerful and happy shall be!


4. Sobre a imensa nação brasileira,

Over the great Brazilian Nation,

Nos momentos de festa ou de dor,

In times of happiness or grief,

Paira sempre sagrada bandeira,

Hovers always the sacred flag,

Pavilhão da justiça e do amor!

Pavilion of justice and love!


2. 27 Stars... What Do They Mean?

The stars may seem messy around the blue circle, but they carry an interesting story behind. The stars' placement refer to the sky of the night of November 15, 1889 - when the Republic of Brazil was founded.

Each one of the 27 little stars refer to the Federal District plus the other 26 Brazilian states. Originally, the flag had 21 stars, but as more states were added to the country, the flag had to change until it's current version, stablished in May 12, 1992.

"Santo de casa não faz milagre."

*Sent by Abraão, Brazil

3. What Do the Colors Mean?

There are 4 colors in the Brazilian Flag. The most iconic ones are obviously the intense/strong/vivid green and the golden yellow. The green relates to the rich Brazilian flora/nature that fills the whole country. The yellow is due to the great amount of gold reserves in the lands of the nation. The blue circle with the white band mean the starry skyes.

4. What is Written on the Brazilian Flag?

Ordem e progresso - Order and progress

5. How Many Stars Are There in the Brazilian Flag?

There are 27 stars, representing the the 26 states of the country plus the Federal District.

6. Who Created the Flag? When Was it Adopted?

Raimundo Teixeira Mendes - a Brazilian philosopher and mathematician.

7. How Do Brazilians Call it?

In Portuguese, Brazilians refer to their flag as "a bandeira do Brasil."

8. How Can I Download a Free Image?

Just click here.

Charlles Nunes, founder of Learn Portuguese Now

All flags have a story to tell. What does the flag or your country mean to you?


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