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Here you can read learning experiences of Portuguese learners from all over the world. I hope you get inspired to share your story, too:0)

  • We are launching this section with Jeffrey Haws' story. Currently fluent in Portuguese, he is a foreigner who came to Brazil and decided to stay. Find out why...

      1. Tell us a little about yourself. (your occupation, where you are from, etc.)

      My name is Jeffrey Haws, I was raised in Mesa, Arizona. In Brazil I assist investors and researches to obtain the information they need and serve as a constant local contact.

      2. When did you start learning Portuguese, and why?

      Originally I came to Brazil on a religious mission for The Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it was then that I began learning the Portuguese language.

      3. What were you first impressions of the Portuguese language?

      During the first weeks Portuguese sounded like a funny Spanish, and in reality it is.

      4. Do you have any funny incidents to tell about speaking Portuguese?

      Learning was an interesting process, embarassing mistakes were common.

      5. Are there any words that you regularly confuse?

      One set of words that I commonly mistake are pretend and intend, intend in Portuguese is pretendo.

      6. What advice do you have for beginners?

      A bit of advise for beginners is to immerse yourself in the language, make it a part of your daily life trying to associate words to feelings and objects and not mere rote memorization.

      7. Is there any resource on the Web (or in Brazil) you would like to recommend?

      A great resource would be professional newsletters related to your area of specialization or interests. First because many specific terms are similar in both languages and also because you will likely understand the context thus facilitating your chances of decifering new vocabulary.

      8. What would recommend for a Portuguese learner to do in Brazil?

      If already in Brazil, use a translator for as few tasks as possible and ask people to repeat themselves.

      9.What do you think about this Web site? What could be improved?

      This website presents a captivating format with many resources.. My only suggestion is to divide it into several pages with links leading from one page to the next. This could help maintain attention and interest while making material less cumbersome.

      Professionally, I suggest getting sponsor and advertisement. Those could come from language learning products, or from a student's business. If the site is devided into more pages you thus have more space for advertising, can put in more direct links to call more viewer. You are doing well. Congratulations!

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