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The eBook Portuguese in 7 Weeks shows you the 365 most common words in Portuguese with 3 examples each. When you finish reading it, you willl be able to understand 90% of basic Portuguese articles.

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365 Common Portuguese Words
Your Guide to Portuguese Reading

The purpose of the 365 Common Portuguese Words is learn how to read in Portuguese in a very short time.

Book Description

This is the first edition of a English-Portuguese book originated from an experience taken at a Brazilian university, which helped hundreds to learn how to read in English in a brief period of time.

It targets all those who need to read in Portuguese (or even in English) and are willing to practice a little bit every day in order to achieve such goal ASAP.

365 Common Portuguese Words is an English-Portuguese ebook with 1095 examples of sentences which will help you develop your reading skills in a short time.

It includes 7 groups of words, chosen by their order of frequency, which enables the reader to get familiar with the most common vocabulary in Portuguese.

Written by Charlles Nunes, a professional language teacher since 1993 (and creator of, this practical guide has been tested for groups in Brazilian universities and for hundreds of language learners worldwide.

Here you will find several gems of thought to help you build up your vocabulary with real meaning... Get the power of words now! 

Table of Contents

365 Common Portuguese Words was written as a simple guide to reading. Each page brings seven or eight words, with three examples each, in English and Portuguese. By reading just 49 pages, the reader is able to manage the basic vocabulary of the language. The words and sentences are organized in seven groups:

  1. Words 01 to 52
  2. Words 53 to 104
  3. Words 105 to 156
  4. Words 157 to 208
  5. Words 209 to 260
  6. Words 261 to 312
  7. Words 313 to 365

And here’s how it works...

- You start recognizing the words you’ve already seen

- You learn the patterns of Portuguese language

- Your vocabulary-building becomes a snowball

- You learn more than 365 words before you finish reading!

To read in Portuguese, you DO need a basic body of knowledge. And that's what this guide gives you.

This guide isn't long or complicated. It's an 53-page PDF file which you download onto your computer, and contains the information you need to get started.

How to Order the eBook - US$10

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Further Information

For further information about the book and for the author’s contact details, please fill out the form below: 

365 Common Portuguese Words - Testimonial

"If you want to learn the Portuguese words
fast and without much pain as I wanted, I have
found these Common Words doing this for me. Getting started was very hard - because I
didn't know anything about this language. Now I am enjoying my achievement of learning
this language in just 3 months... or less!

- Yashar PourMohammad, Iran



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