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Learn Portuguese Now is the way I found to express my GRATITUDE for all those who helped me take my first steps to learn English.

Since 2006 I've been dedicating some of my spare time to help people from +180 countries with proven strategies for learning Portuguese online. It is like a roadmap for language learning.

And what is 'language learning'?

Language Learning is the result of direct instruction in the rules of language. It requires effort and dedication.

On the other hand, Language Acquisition is the process by which people acquire their first language. It happens naturally.

You can take  the 3 first steps to learn Brazilian Portuguese fast on my Getting Started page.

Charlles Nunes, creator of Learn-Portuguese-Now.comCharlles Nunes, creator of Learn-Portuguese-Now.com

Who is charlles nunes
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I'm a curious guy who learned a second language because I needed to. Like so many other people, I had no idea where to begin...

I started learning English in my early twenties, while I was serving on a mission in my native country, Brazil.

As most Brazilians speak only Portuguese, for seven months learning English had nothing to do with my mission.

At that time I was transferred to the staff.

Then, understanding new missionaries who didn't speak any Portuguese became my top priority.

At first, my efforts didn't bring great results, because I had no plan to follow. But since I found the ONE THING I needed to focus my attention on, speaking English became a matter of time and dedication.

It was back in 1991 - and overcoming this challenge set the tone for the rest of my life.

I graduated in English & Portuguese and with my wife's help we run a language school in Angra dos Reis - close to Paraty  - in Rio de Janeiro State.

Charlles Nunes teaches English & Portuguese in Angra dos Reis, Brazil.

how learn portuguese now began
a short story about
a lifetime career

The real power I found by learning English was that I could achieve a meaningful goal with minimal resources.

Learning English allowed me to take part in great projects and meet wonderful people along the way - and I wanted to share the techniques I learned with other people who needed to learn a second language fast.

When I started Learn Portuguese Now back in 2006, my goal was simple: share the strategies that have helped me learn English.

Since that time, thousands of people from all over the world have used our resources to take their first steps in learning Portuguese.

Some of them, I had the privilege to help personally! =D


I want you to use my successes and my failures to reach your own learning goals. This is also why I work personally with a limited number of students, so that you may know exactly the next step to take.

don't worry
you are not too late

If you haven’t started learning Portuguese yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not too late.

Explore my Start Here page to learn the first steps you can take to learn Portuguese from scratch, without having to spend any money right now.

In fact, I give out all my best advice for free inside my newsletter. I hope you subscribe. You can do so using the form below:


Our mission is to help one person at a time to learn Portuguese. Almost all of our resources are FREE.

We run a language school in Brazil. Our students are ready to talk to people from all over the world who study Portuguese. Sign up our newsletter and be informed when our Language Exchange Programs are open.

BLZ Idiomas. Our language school in Angra dos Reis - Rio.This is our language school in Angra dos Reis - Rio - Brazil.


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