heróis anônimos
15 stories foR JUST $15

Have fun with stories of real Brazilians who enjoy living each and every day.


With 15 short stories portraying the reality of Brazilian people, Heróis Anônimos is one of those books that make us laugh and think at the same time. You will have fun with the story of the barber who forgot to die – or the street vendor who was fanatic for videogame! :-)

After reading the book, it is worth a pause to recognize and honor all the anonymous heroes who make part of your own routine – from the gas station attendant to the bus conductor, from the drugstore clerk to the doorman. You will discover - or just remember - that a simple greeting or smile can 'make the day' of those whose routine is surrounded by indifference.

After purchasing the eBook, you will receive a password to donwload the audio files containing the recording of the text of Heróis Anônimos.

The author included some footnotes with 'his own definition' of concepts covered in the book. His humorous style makes the story pleasant to read and to listen to. By listening to the audio CD you can improve oral comprehension and learn the correct Portuguese pronunciation.

Charlles Nunes' own words about the book...

"If you can't remember anything after you finish reading 'Heróis Anônimos', keep in mind at least three words while you read it:

HAVE FUN!" ;-)