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The eBook Portuguese in 7 Weeks shows you the 365 most common words in Portuguese with 3 examples each. When you finish reading it, you willl be able to understand 90% of basic Portuguese articles.

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There is no risk for me. I’ve got a 90-day cash back GUARANTEE. If this course does not help me get better or I don’t speak Portuguese at the level I want after 90 days of practice, I will get an immediate refund. A simple email is enough. The requirements are: I need to follow up on the three course modules, practice with the content of each video and send the mail within 90 days after purchase.

“Speak Portuguese like the most successful learners on my course, eliminate the biggest errors made and learn exercises to kill the power wasters the easy way. I promise you you’ll speak Portuguese really fast!”

My name is Charlles Nunes and I am a language coach and the creator of One Minute Portuguese. I work as a full-time teacher and Teacher Trainer at BLZ Languages in Angra dos Reis, Brazil. I have coached several CEOs of Brazilian and multi-national companies to help them break their language barriers as well as helped many language learners from all backgrounds to reach their language goals. I have worked at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio and at the Steam Generators Replacement Project in Angra 1. I am enthusiastic about language learning, and I hope to help you learn Portuguese as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions about One Minute Portuguese

1. Is the course suitable for intermediate students, or only for BEGINNERS?

About 75 % of my participants are beginners, further 15% say they already know some Portuguese and the other 5% are language coaches who provide my content to their students. For joining the course it is just important, that you practice a little EVERY DAY. That's why the videos are only one minute long. The web course will give you the tools and knowledge to master the basics of the language. So you will soon get both better and faster by wasting less energy at the same time.

2. What are the EXERCISES about?

Every course module contains 30 videos - one minute each - as the main content. Under each video you will find a step-by-step plan that you should follow to master those specific sentences.

By practicing these steps you will get rid of pronunciation and spelling mistakes. Every video helps you to remember the drills and to speak Portuguese correctly.

3. How safe is the PAYING METHOD and in which currency can I pay?

You will be billed in US Dollars by payment provider PayPay. You can choose whether to pay by credit card or email. PayPal is one of the safest payment systems in the world.

4. How do I get MY ACCESS data for the course?

You will get two mails after successful payment. One will confirm your billing information, the other one provides your access data that you usually receive within 2 minutes. 

5. What GUARANTEE do I have if I don't like the course or I don't improve my Portuguese?

t is very important for me that the course really helps all my participants! So if you don't learn as much Portuguese as you want within my 90 days guarantee or you just don´t like the course and I can´t help you with it, than simply write an email to me and I will refund the money at once. Does that sound fair to you? ;-)

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