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Learn Portuguese Now was born in 2006 - out of a great desire to show my gratitude for those who had helped me learn English for free. In return, I wanted to help people improve their Portuguese for free. In the first years, I dedicated my night time to create content about the Brazilian language and culture.

As a father with 4 kids, I had to dedicate my time to other Projetcs. Since 2012, my family and I have been running a language school in Angra dos Reis, Brazil.

Now that all the kids are all grown ups, I decided to return to dedicate my time to two of my passions again (writing and teaching) and I hope to turn it to my full-time job.

I hope to become a full time content creator. Now, we have a small team of dedicated people working together. You financial support can make all the difference.

You can watch my videos on YouTube, listen to my podcasts on this Web site and even have group lessons with me through Zoom.

With your help, we can help hundreds of people to learn Brazilian Portuguese.​

This is why, if you’re reading this and you have seen value in my content, I would greatly appreciate any donation you make.

In return - to show you my gratitude, I will mention your name at the end of each new episode, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

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