live classes with brazilian teachers
real conversation with brazilian students

Do you want to learn Portuguese with live classes and make Brazilian friends?

So, welcome to the Language Exchange Program!

At the Language Exchange Program you will have two live classes a week with a Brazilian teacher - and practice your Portuguese with Brazilian students.

Here is how to participate:

  1. You fill out the form and we are going to keep in touch with you.
  2. After we talk, you make the registration and receive your material.
  3. From January to March you will have two classes a week with a Brazilian teacher via Zoom.
  4. And once a week you will practice your Portuguese with a Brazilian who is learning English - in a guided conversation. (It means, both will have a script to follow in English and Portuguese.)


So who’s behind this?

Hey, I’m Charlles Nunes, a passionate teacher and author. In 2006 I created Learn Portuguese Now to help English speakers learn my native language.

Why I did it?

I created this Website to express my gratitude for those who helped me to learn English. Simple like that.

I want to help you learn Portuguese the easiest and fastest way.

I live in Rio de Janeiro state. I hope you join our Language Exchange Program, so that you have more Brazilian friends and improve your Portuguese in a natural way.