Learn Portuguese at Home
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How much time do you lose simply because you do not have a clear path to follow?

How faster would you learn if you always knew the next step to a 'survival Portuguese'?

What about learning Portuguese in the confort of your home?

By studying just a few verbs and words, you will be able to speak hundreds of Portuguese phrases in a couple of days!

The key is to understand that the vocabulary used by any speaker is limited - even though the total vocabulary may be endless. 

So, all you need is learn how to combine basic words and replace one of them at a time. Like this:

1. I like to learn Portuguese.
2. I need to learn Portuguese.
3. I want to learn Portuguese.

And after managing a central 'spine' - you may keep adding new words at your wish:

1. I like to learn Portuguese every day.
2. I need to learn Portuguese before Christmas.
3. I want to learn Portuguese in Brazil.

See? Once you know a few words, your possibilities are endless!

Here are 4 ways in which Learn Portuguese at Home will help you improve your performance as a language learner...

#1 - You'll learn 36 basic verbs to express personal needs and ideas

#2 - You'll improve your reading skills with 14 English/Portuguese original articles

#3 - You'll see 90 examples of Portuguese phrases to quickly leverage your vocabulary

#4 - You'll have access to 90 exercises (with answer key)

I hope you enjoy your language adventure, and that we may also start a real friendship. ;-)

Yours truly,

Charlles Nunes (Author of Learn Portuguese Now . com)

P.S.: When I started learning English, I was 22 years old. By using the principles taught in this eBook, I started my career as a language teacher after only 18 months!