Improve Your Speaking!

How much time do you lose simply because you do not have a clear path to follow?

How faster would you learn if you always knew the next step to a 'survival Portuguese'?

What about learning Portuguese in the confort of your home?

By studying just a few verbs and words, you will be able to speak hundreds of Portuguese phrases in a couple of days!

The key is to understand that the vocabulary used by any speaker is limited - even though the total vocabulary may be endless. 

So, all you need is learn how to combine basic words and replace one of them at a time. Like this:

1. I like to learn Portuguese.
2. I need to learn Portuguese.
3. I want to learn Portuguese.

And after managing a central 'spine' - you may keep adding new words at your wish:

1. I like to learn Portuguese every day.
2. I need to learn Portuguese before Christmas.
3. I want to learn Portuguese in Brazil.

See? Once you know a few words, your possibilities are endless!

Here are 4 ways in which Learn Portuguese at Home will help you improve your performance as a language learner...


You'll learn 36 basic verbs to express personal needs and ideas


You'll improve your reading skills with 14 English/Portuguese original articles.


You'll see 90 examples of Portuguese phrases to quickly leverage your vocabulary.


You'll have access to 90 exercises (with answer key)

Who is the Author?

After teaching languages for more than 20 years, Charlles Nunes believes that YOU can learn any language by following a simple plan.

He learned English and Spanish on his own - in a Portuguese speaking country. With no Internet, no courses and no money to invest, he had to make do with minimal resources.

Charlles has trained high school students, technicians, engineers, doctors and CEOs. He has been developing language learning techniques for over twenty years and training students and teachers to maximize their potencial.

After graduating in English and Portuguese, he created a Language School in Angra dos Reis - Rio de Janeiro - where hundreds of people have learned a second language.

He is the author of 15 books, and since 2006, has consistently helped people from 100+ countries to speak a second language online.


Grab your copy of 'Learn Portuguese at Home', and improve your Portuguese RIGHT NOW!