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Portuguese in 7 Weeks

This is for you who want to improve your reading naturally. You will get the 365 most common words in Portuguese words, with 3 examples each. The more you read, the better you understand.

• 83 page ebook

• Over 563 sold


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This is pretty cool. One of the best programs I've found for beginners of Portuguese. Helps with vocabulary, pronunciation and basic phrases.

- John Robinson, Arizona

Thank you for producing these wonderful lessons. I'm looking forward to learning this beautiful language and eventually visiting Brazil.

- Kam Yuen, Hong Kong

Thank you for putting together such a helpful Portuguese language program! Your site has helped me a lot! Thanks!

- Pedro, United States

Thank you very much for your advise, speedy reply and suggestions. I greatly appreciate it.

Your passion for language and the people you help only enspires me further.

- Jennie Fitz, New Zealand

Portuguese easy lessons

For you who want to improve your reading naturally. 

Coming soon.

- 83 page ebook

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Portuguese easy verbs

Coming soon - 62 page ebook

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Portuguese in 30 days

This is for you who want to GET RESULTS now. 

Coming soon.

- 80 page ebook

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