If you want to learn the Portuguese words fast and without much pain as I wanted, I have found these Common Words doing this for me. Getting started was very hard - because I didn't know anything about this language. Now I am enjoying my achievement of learning this language in just 3 months... or less!

- Yashar PourMohammad, Iran

Hi Charlles! First of all, I would like to thank you for the educational opportunities that you create. I like the simplicity and the content of your materials. It's very useful and easy to learn at the same time.

All the best,

- Marija Popova, Lituhania

When I first arrived in Brazil, my goal was to speak Portuguese in 4 months.  Not perfectly grammatically correct, but enough to be understood and to follow the flow of conversation.

It was about 3.5 months later when I realized I had made my goal.  I could spend hours in conversation in almost entirely Portuguese discussing complex topics.  I could stop and ask for directions and list off what I needed.  I could address my non-English speaking coworkers and even write a little.

In a meeting I can catch about 20% of the conversation, enough to follow the general topic.  I could even tell a joke in Portuguese.  My coworkers are pleased with my efforts and I am much more functional around Brazil.

Thanks Charlles!

- Laura Emerick, United States

Charlles is a genuine, thoughtful language teacher and his enthusiam to help shows in One Minute Portuguese

I would highly recommend his course for anybody looking to develop a robust Portuguese foundation, in an easy to use, non-time-consuming format.

My speaking, listening, and reading skills have excelled leaps and bounds in comparison to what I could accomplish by myself.

Thanks Charlles!

- Daniel, Florida

Two years ago, I took a trip to Brazil to visit my cousin. I hung out with him and his friends, who spoke no English. While I was there I felt completely lost.

After the trip, I was determined to learn Portuguese. About one year ago I found the Learn Portuguese Method - which has been a great experience for me.

I'm still learning every day, but I feel more comfortable and understand more.

Ironically, my job required me to work with a team in Brazil. This was also challenging, but easier because I had started learning. They don't speak English, so I surprised them with my Portuguese skills.

- Howard Raymond, Arkansas, USA

He revisado tu página y me parece muy buena y muy completa. Felicidades y gracias por hacer disponible este recurso en internet. Saludos!

- Jorge, Mexico

This is pretty cool. One of the best programs I've found for beginners of Portuguese. Helps with vocabulary, pronunciation and basic phrases.

- John Robinson, Phoenix, Arizona

I love this lesson, they are very pricise and helpful.

- Cristóbal López

Great! And easy to learn this way. Thank you!

- Antonina Avdeeva, Russia

Charlles Nunes, you have done it again. I liked My Portuguese Phrasebook as well

- Njabulo Dube, Gauteng, South Africa

Thank you for producing these wonderful lessons. I'm looking forward to learning this beautiful language and eventually visiting Brazil.

- Kam Yuen, Hong Kong

First off thank you very very much for such a wonderful web site. The web site you made is very helpful for all type of learder. ;-)

I need the book with complete chapters and lessons. I will pay you as soon as I get my first job here in Brazil.


- Nasir Habib, Brazil

Dear Charlles, 

Thank you very much for your help and yes you can put my words as testimonial. This will make me feel proud to be part of your web site.

I have a feeling that I have found another good human being in my life. Once again thanks a lot.

-  Nasis Habib, Brazil

Thank you for putting together such a helpful portuguese language program! I was in Macae last June and will be returning in November, and your site has helped me a lot!


- Pedro, United States

Dear Charlles,

thank you very much for your advise, speedy reply and suggestions. I greatly appreciate it.

Your passion for language and the people you help only enspires me further.

I will practice this new approach! And continue to surround myself with brazilian speakers and firends..(there are alot of them here in Queenstown New Zealand!) :-) its bound to click eventually!!

Kindest regards,

- Jennie Fitz, New Zealand

Hi you are awesome, since I was little in Cuba I wanted to learn Portuguese.

his is the best ever that I found on the Web THANK YOU.

I wanted to see how I can buy ur books or get them, also I would like to learn some gramar rules and hear their pronunciation....Thanks and hope to hear from you...

- Danay, United States

Your website has a wealth of information. I truly find this website to be the best I have encountered so far. I just wanted to know whether your website is there to stay? Will the information on your website remain free of charge?"

- Louisa Homem de Gouveia, South Africa

Hi Charlles,

I am a Scotsman living in Rio and working in Kazakhstan. I came to your wonderful country from Trinidad after coming for carnival and meeting the woman of my dreams (we are going to marry soon!)

I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful free and user friendly website. I think it is the best on the net hands down! I have it opened all day everyday when working and when I have a spare moment I read Portuguese.

I use the flash cards everyday and have a set printed out next to my bed! It is a tough language to learn I must admit and my girlfriend speaks good English which does not help me I think but I will get there.


- Derek, Brazil

Hi, Charlles! l have followed your very helpful program for some time and especially when l am in Brazil with my wife. l am retired and need to improve my knowledge of your language so that l can feel more at home in this fascinating country.

With every best wish,

- Jimmy Rabbett , United Kingdom

Excellent organization in the ebook Portuguese in 7 weeks. I look forward to learning from the ebook sample. WELL DONE! I'm a teacher of English as a second language and I am sure my methods could improve by modeling your organized approach.

- Steve MacRae - Media Consultant

Muito obrigada Professor Nunes. Seu programa esta ajudando meus netos americanos a conhecer um pouco da lingua.

- Maria Miotti, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Recommendation Letter after private classes:

Dear Coordinator,

Thank you for providing me with a great Portuguese language teacher.

My husband and I (and our two boys) are expected to return to the U.S. by the end of the year. We are currently working through our repatriation process.

As a result, I did have my final class with Mr. Charlles Nunes this past Thursday November 12th.

As they say, the third time is the charm! Mr. Nunes was my third Portuguese teacher here in Paraty/Angra dos Reis. It is such a pity that we did not meet him from the very beginning.

Mr. Nunes was dedicated, extremely responsible, punctual and focused. Thanks to him, my Portuguese has improved tremendously.

I would certainly recommend him to other (company name) employees, and any other expatriates that you may work with in this region.

- Stacy-Ann, USA

Muitissimo obrigado! Estou começando a aprender a falar e mas que todo a entender o que dizem na televisão! È tão incrível e engraçado como muito facilmente cheguei a falar assim!

- Mattia Cistellini

It is very good. Thanks so much for your kindness. I do really appreciate it. It helps me a lot to learn Portuguese. Obrigado!!

- Jeremy Chin, Vancouver, British Columbia

I am getting there, enjoying my lessons. Que Deus abençoas.

- Natasha Malulu, Namibia

Very good! Free and easy to use at your own pace.

- Eugene Molloy, Ireland

Wow, Mr Nunes, thank you so so much for the conversation; I'm busy downloading it as we speak :-) and thank you for the article - I am very eager to read it! :-)))

It's absolutely amazing how, despite your current project and other work that you might have, you still continue to contribute to the website and learning experiences of students, even in your spare time. That is truly admirable :-)

Enjoying every bit of the journey :-D

- Louisa, South Africa

Hey Charlles, My name is shikma, and im 19 year old girl from Israel. i just wanted to say- THANK YOU! What you did here is unbelievable...

I hope one day i can say what i think "Em Português, é claro!" =]

With much appreciation,

- Shikma, Israel

Hi Senhor,

I would just like to say thank you for the great site you have that is even for FREE!!! i'm greatful to learn portuguese language that i could use to communicate with our Pastor from UCKG.

It's nice that you share what God lends you (knowledge).

God bless you abundantly.

- Cindy, Philippines

I Love your page. Thank you for getting me on the road to this beautiful language. Muchas Gracias.

- Domingo Rivera, Music Teacher, Puerto Rico

Hi Charlles, I just want to congratulate you on your tremendous work. It is absolutely amazing that you make this material available to people. This is what the internet is all about! Great site :-)!

- Jens Rothenborg, Denmark

Hi Charlles, I would like to thank you for creating such a fantastic website. You have helped me more than any other reference to Portuguese that I have ever found.

Thanks to you I can now confidently comunicate with my girlfriend, her family and friends in Brazil. I have visited Sao Luis twice since I started learning Portuguese and would never have got by without any understanding of the culture and the language.

I was wondering if you have a website helping Brazilian Portuguese speakers to learn English?

Many thanks again,

- Andrew Brookes, United Kingdom

Dear Charlles,

I don't know where to start from! Ok here goes! My name is Penelope i was born and live in Greece, Athens and my mother is from Australia. I was looking forward to learn portuguese about a year through the internet but unfortunately could not find some free lessons or some lessons as i was imagining them!

A friend of mine guided me to your site and i was in a state of shock for several hours!!I think i also had a huge smile on my face as well!

The reason I want to learn portuguese is because of my best friend who now lives in Greece too, but was raised in Curitiba, Brasil!I first found your language so fascinating but then striked me that the language of one country itself is not the only reason to be curious about it!

I sort of fell in love with everything about your country, the way tou act, think, have a perspective about the world, talk, move, dance, eat, communicate etc..in general the whole culture!

I mentioned i am half Australian because i believe that people who have either lived or born or even travelled abroad have a wider and more open mind than other people who havent!

It's truly amazing...in other words your culture made me search for everything that has to do with it! I recently visited a brasilian restaurant, drunk alot of caipirinha (sorry for my spelling...besides i havent really had my first lesson yet), they served us firstly the white rice with black beans and farofa which was delicious and then came about 10 different kind of meat...as you can imagine my stomache nearly burst and I could hardly breathe!!!I also found some details about my best friends town which she didnt even know!

To sum up, i believe your work is excellent, it was such a relief to find a site like this, free (because money and time are precious these days), and mostly made by a brasilian (because i was fed up with all the imitations going around and giving you wrong feedback)...

In general , i cannot really describe it, but your country and people do something magic to me and i guess to others as well!You automatically put a smile on our faces!

I dont know if i will be able to talk portuguese or not but i will certainly try (with a little help from my best friend as well).

I just felt the urge to thank you , sorry for the long email but i just want to close with a documentary that i saw last night on t.v : it was about two different cultures. One was a French team of sailors which were visiting an island with some natives called "palator" if i'm not mistaken!The french were going to stay at the natives island for about a week and try to adopt to their own way of living!The natives were afraid at first and of course hesitating to have any kind of contact with them!The french sailors first started helping the natives with their daily jobs, going hunting, cooking, making houses, and fishing!

At the end of their journey the natives decided to make one of the french sailors one of them and had this big fest, and finally the french sailor became one of the "palators"...as a return the french sailors decided to offer hospitality to the natives by inviting them on their ship...the natives look on their eyes and expressions where so pure that reminded me of my face whenever i read my notes which i printed from this site!!They were discovering a different world..

Thank you for your valuable time! Keep up the brilliant work!

Muito obrigado!!!!

- Penelope, Greece