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The Colors in Portuguese
Lessons from a Colorblind

Do you want to learn the colors in Portuguese? Here you will find the basic ones, with the HTML code, in case you want to use them online. 

The Colors in Portuguese (or English) is the first subject I look up in any language book. It also represents one of the most difficult lessons for me to teach. My reason is quite simple: I’m colorblind

Language teachers will quickly recognize what I mean: there is always a specific lesson at the student’s book which you don’t like teaching at all. Some don't feel confortable with the Zodiacs, others with the 'Directions', and so on.

My struggle with colors comes from an early age, when I found it difficult to play soccer at night, as I couldn't differentiate the player's uniform!

I still recall my first attempt to get my driver's license. At that time, the tester used to a pull a lever in a traffic light, while the candidate had to tell the color shown.

Obviously, my first attempt was a complete failure. I even said ‘blue’ and ‘white’, forgetting there were just 3 colors at the traffic lights!

Well, I won’t get into details here. Suffice it to say that in my third attempt - 10 years later - I finally got the right to drive!

But that's another story... ;-)

The Colors in Portuguese - Very Light

Azul Bem Claro - Very Light Blue

Verde Bem Claro - Very Light Green

Cinza Bem Claro - Very Light Gray

Laranja Bem Claro - Very Light Orange

Roxo Bem Claro - Very Light Purple

Vermelho Bem Claro - Very Light Red

Amarelo Bem Claro - Very Light Yellow

The Colors in Portuguese - Light

Azul Claro - Light Blue

Verde Claro - Light Green

Cinza Claro - Light Grey

Laranja Claro - Light Orange

Roxo Claro - Light Purple

Vermelho Claro - Light Red

Amarelo Claro - Light Yellow

The Colors in Portuguese - Medium

Azul - Blue

Verde - Green

Cinza - Grey

Laranja - Orange

Roxo - Purple

Vermelho – Red

Amarelo - Yellow

The Colors in Portuguese - Dark

Azul Escuro - Dark Blue

Verde Escuro – Dark Green

Cinza Escuro - Dark Grey

Laranja Escuro - Dark Orange

Roxo Escuro - Dark Purple

Vermelho Escuro - Dark Red

Amarelo Escuro - Dark Yellow

The Colors in Portuguese - Very Dark

Azul Bem Escuro - Very Dark Blue

Verde Bem Escuro – Very Dark Green

Cinza Bem Escuro - Very Dark Grey

Laranja Bem Escuro - Very Dark Orange

Roxo Bem Escuro - Very Dark Purple

Vermelho Bem Escuro - Very Dark Red

Amarelo Bem Escuro - Very Dark Yellow

Albert Schweitzer once said: "An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight... The truly wise person is colorblind."

My color blindness I've already got. Now I'm looking for his wisdom!

Did you know there is a whole Web site about color blindness?

Color Selection Examples
Blues Greens Greys Oranges Purples Reds Yellows
Very Light
Very Dark
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