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These free Portuguese language tools are my way of expressing gratitude to those who helped me to start learning English.

I hope you like them. :-)

After you download our ebooks, visit our Download Center for other free Portuguese language tools, as the audio files for our Portuguese Pronunciation Guide!

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This is the (almost) complete guide for travellers who want to exchange money, order a meal, or even get a cab in Brazil! (In case you get lost, please give me a call at 24 9954 1608;-)

Learning a new language becomes far easier - and more enjoyable - when you learn it by playing. Let's play in Portuguese!

Cut out the flash cards and carry this language guide wherever you go. You will learn Portuguese anywhere.

Whenever you run out of words to say, just grab one of these cards and start a conversation. Brazilians love to talk!

With 31 Thoughts in Portuguese, you can improve your Portuguese step by step, each and every day!

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"Congratulations for your superb website. I think what you are doing is visionary, making languages free to learn."

- Ralph Okrafo-Smart,
United Kingdom

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