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Are you dating a Brazilian, learning the Portuguese language for business purposes, or planning to spend your next vacation in Brazil? Here you can learn Portuguese for FREE!

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Start learning Portuguese by the section that best fits your personal interest. Many of our Brazilian Portuguese resources are available in PDF and MP3 files. Print them out or download them for later review. :o)

    Portuguese Lessons - Save time and money. Take these free lessons You will soon manage the basic structures and be able to express your thoughs and make requests in Portuguese!

    Portuguese Pronunciation - This simple Pronunciation Guidegives you an overview of 100 basic sounds recorded by a native speaker. You may even download the MP3 files and videos to listen/watch later. Get ready to break the sound barrier!

    Articles in Portuguese - Read true stories in Portuguese and develop your reading skills by browsing the free Articles section. You'll learn how to get organized and increase your motivation. Enjoy!

    Amazing Brazilians - Brazil is known worldwide by its food, culture, music, samba and soccer. Here you will find all of them, and will also come to know the Brazilian way of life.

    Free eBooks - Download our FREE eBooks, carry them with you and find learning treasures in your ‘spare’ moments.

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Here you can choose between learning Portuguese or enjoying the Brazilian Culture. Have fun!

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