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Speak Portuguese, make Brazilian friends and boost your conversation in only 12 weeks. I am here to help you.

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Who is this Program for?

We created Portuguese Express for people who need to speak Portuguese as soon as possible. However, this course will also help those who have too many tasks and need to study less intensively. Meet some of our students:


Maycon is a TI professional. He works from home, and wants to learn Portuguese in order to do business with Brazilians.

He studies every day on his own. Twice a week he has live classes with a teacher and his classmates.

He talks to his Brazilian Speaking Partner about three times a week.

How does the Program work?

Our ebooks and online files are downloadable PDF files. You can read them on your devices with free Adobe programs like Adobe Reader or Adobe Preview.

Here is the free download link for Adobe Reader.

What materials am I going to receive?

Our ebooks and online files are downloadable PDF files. You can read them on your devices with free Adobe programs like Adobe Reader or Adobe Preview.

Here is the free download link for Adobe Reader.

Who takes this course?

The people who join our group classes are those who want a personalized help, and someone to practice their conversation in a safe way.

We work with people who want to understand and speak Portuguese at a basic level. Many of our students have never learned a foreign language before.

We have a wide range of nice people using our lessons:

  • Professionals who have just arrived in Brazil to work in a Project, like Laura Emerick.
  • Mothers who come to Brazil with their families to stay for a year or two, like Stacy-Ann.
  • Grandparents who live abroad and want their children and grandchildren to keep or learn their mother tongue.
  • People who want to improve their Portuguese faster with a step-by-step guide, like Daniel.
  • Young men and women who will serve as missionaries in Portuguese speaking countries.
  • Tourists who want to learn the basic Portuguese phrases - or take quick lessons - before spending a holiday in Brazil.
  • Foreigners who are looking for their first job in Brazil.
  • People who are dating a Brazilian and want to understand the language ASAP.
  • Students who want to improve their pronunciation or take a written test in Portuguese.

Many people have sent us emails telling their stories and sharing their progress. You can read some of them on the Testimonial's page.

What our students say...

When I first arrived in Brazil, my goal was to speak Portuguese in 4 months.  Not perfectly grammatically correct, but enough to be understood and to follow the flow of conversation.

It was about 3.5 months later when I realized I had made my goal.  I could spend hours in conversation in almost entirely Portuguese discussing complex topics.  I could stop and ask for directions and list off what I needed.  I could address my non-English speaking coworkers and even write a little.

In a meeting I can catch about 20% of the conversation, enough to follow the general topic.  I could even tell a joke in Portuguese.  My coworkers are pleased with my efforts and I am much more functional around Brazil.

Thanks Charlles!

- Laura Emerick, United States

Two years ago, I took a trip to Brazil to visit my cousin. I hung out with him and his friends, who spoke no English. While I was there I felt completely lost.

After the trip, I was determined to learn Portuguese. About one year ago I found the Learn Portuguese Method - which has been a great experience for me.

I'm still learning every day, but I feel more comfortable and understand more.

Ironically, my job required me to work with a team in Brazil. This was also challenging, but easier because I had started learning. They don't speak English, so I surprised them with my Portuguese skills.

- Howard Raymond, Arkansas, USA

Recommendation Letter after private classes:

Dear Coordinator,

Thank you for providing me with a great Portuguese language teacher.

My husband and I (and our two boys) are expected to return to the U.S. by the end of the year. We are currently working through our repatriation process.

As a result, I did have my final class with Mr. Charlles Nunes this past Thursday November 12th.

As they say, the third time is the charm! Mr. Nunes was my third Portuguese teacher here in Paraty/Angra dos Reis. It is such a pity that we did not meet him from the very beginning.

Mr. Nunes was dedicated, extremely responsible, punctual and focused. Thanks to him, my Portuguese has improved tremendously.

I would certainly recommend him to other (company name) employees, and any other expatriates that you may work with in this region.

- Stacy-Ann, USA