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Welcome! By taking these Portuguese Lessons you can speak Portuguese in a matter of days...

My passion for language learning comes from the time when I didn't even have access to a computer. I still recall my first attempt to write something with this purpose...

I started choosing 100 verbs and writing each one in a 5"x7" card. Then I organized them according to their frequency - only by logic - and ordered them in a hug, which I kept under my bed. (That was my first computer! :)

All of a sudden, wind came from nowhere and shuffled all of them, destroying my work of days! Guess what? I started it all over again.

Long story short, that first attempt helped me to see that there are many ways of learning a foreign language. And now you can discover it on your own, too!

In each odd lesson, you will learn:

  • 4 Portuguese verbs with their respective translation 
  • 20 words strictly related to the learned verbs 
  • 10 useful expressions used in daily life
  • Practice
  • 10 sentences in Portuguese help you improve your communication skills. Each one is finished by a slash (/). Replace the word in bold by one of the words after the slash and repeat the phrase out loud. Do it until you feel confident with each one. (See the ‘Answer Key’ right below)


They are divided into 'Write in Portuguese' and 'Translate'. Whenever you need, check the Answer Key and Glossary for a quick recall.

Answer Key

It brings the answers to the Exercises, as well as the sentences from the ‘Practice’ section written in English.

Print them out, give them to a friend and take turns: after one reads a sentence in English, the other says it in Portuguese in a progressive way. Here’s how to start:

Your partner: I like. 

You: Eu gosto.

Your partner: I like to speak. 

You: Eu gosto de falar.

Your partner: I like to speak Portuguese. 

You: Eu gosto de falar Português.

Your partner: I like to speak Portuguese with my father. 

You: Eu gosto de falar Português com meu pai.

In each even lesson, you will learn:


Questions with answers. Just read them and consult the previous odd lessons if necessary.

Oral Practice

Basic questions that you should answer when applicable.

At the end of each Portuguese Lesson you will find a link to Flashcards. You can listen to the words and sentences, test yourself or play a game.

Site Testimonial

"I was looking for free Portuguese lessons about a year through the internet but could not find them! A friend of mine guided me to your site and I was in a state of shock for several hours!"

- Penelope, Greece


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